American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
October 27th, 2007
Re-roofing Project
The day began with on again, off again, drizzle. The work crew began to arrive and the job began.
The frist job was to get the shingles and other material up on the roof.
Click on any picture for a larger view.
Thanks to FCC for the use of
their forklift, it made getting
things on the roof much easier.
Getting started. Notice the wet
parking lot in the picture on the right.
Work started on the west side of the hall roof. A trim was put along the edge of the
roof  and shingles followed.
Work begins on the east side by applying "Storm Guard" to the eve edge before shingles can be placed down.
There is only room for a few workers to start the shingle rows as other look on.
Once there are enough rows started all get into action.
Once the new rows of shingles reach the peak
work begins on the ridge vents.
The last nail being
driven. The roofing job is
Numerous supervisors were on hand to make
sure the job was done correctly
The New Roof
Thank you to the following people
for their time and effort on this
The Roofing Pro's
Randy Eggers
Duane Kooiker
Nate Markwat
Brock Higley
The Worker's
The Auxiliary for feeding the
Tubby Agner
Tom Apol
Doug Arnold
Tom Basarabski
Joe Baumgarter
Andrew Broughton
Chuck Clark
Phil Davis
Bill Lysdahl
Steve Maas
Charlie Mc Connon
Doug Mills
Greg Nicholas
Bill Neil
Phil Shook
Bill Stanton
Tony Straub
Chet Teater
Dan Terrell
Jim Trutsch
Harry Van Laan
Bill White
Larry Zuverink
Peggy Beuschel
Heather Eggers
Lynn Gless
Karen Mills
Brigitte Neil
Dawn Stanton
Nancy Straub
Cindy Teater
Lori Trutsch
A Special Thank You to FCC
Construction for the use of their
All photos taken by Cindy
Teater our Post photographer.