Memorial Dedication
May 25, 2006
This Memorial Dedication was carried out to rededicate a Weeping Tree at the Duncan Lake Middle School for three
of our fallen comrades. To our knowledge they are the only Caledonia High School graduates to have been killed in
action during the Vietnam War. They each graduated in the class of 1966. A Memorial Plaque will be placed at the
school by the Weeping Tree and contain thier graduation picture. This plaque will be donated by the Post and the
school system. If your ever in the area stop in to see it. Click on any picture for a larger view.
Ralph A. Keating
US Army
Lee E. Himebaugh
US Marine Corps
Jerome K. Lucas
US Army
Commander Larry Stauffer
Explanes the background
on our comrades.
Mike "Tubby" Agner
Explanes the 13 folds of the
American Flag
Bill White, Glenn Klaver and
Chet Teater fold the
American Flag as a
demonstration to the Middle
School Students.
The Weeping Tree that
stands as a memorial to our
fallen comrades
The Color Guard and Firing
The Firing Squad preparing
for duty