American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
Memorial Day is a day to remember those that
are no longer with us and those who served our
country, our community and the world in the
name of freedom for all.
Memorial Day 2018
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The parade begins with Colors, Firing Squad, our speakers,  the Sons of the American
Legion,  American Legion Riders, the Ladies Auxiliary, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Fire
Departments and the Middle and High School Marching band.
The Pipers,
Dorothy Wilson &
Billings play
Amazing Grace.
The Auxiliary, once again put out a luncheon enjoyed by all.  
Memorial Day morning began at the Post with breakfast for all those
groups that participated in the days events. Thanks goes out to the
folks that came in early in the morning to get breakfast prepared.
Chief Cook Mike Whipple, Cami Sterken,
Kirk & Maria Kemp and Larry Zuverink, The Cooks
Dutton cemetery was the third stop.
The final stop is Caledonia and on to Lakeview Cemetery.
The Cemetery at Holy Corners
Scott Baldwin Sr.
Post Adjutant  
Welcomes everyone
and introduces Guest
and Speakers.
Gary Timmersman
Post Chaplain offers
the closing prayer.
Jim McConnon,
places a wreath on
the memorial to our
departed comrades.
The Firing Squad Commander was Ed
Harmon. Members were, Front Row; Dan
Yablonski, Larry Waldron, Todd Jousma and
Tom Basarabski
Back Row; Phil Shook, Larry Stauffer, Phil
Davis and Nick Wieringa
The Color Guard members were,
Rifle bearers, Dan Wisniewski and
Dan Erskine.  Dan
Terrell-American Flag, Amanda
White-Legion Flag and Sgt. Craig
Fricke-POW/MIA Flag.
We would like to say "Thank You" to the
following people, groups and business's.
Caledonia School Bands
US Golf Cars
Caledonia Boy Scouts
Caledonia Cub Scouts
American Legion Auxiliary-Post 305
Sons of the American Legion-Post 305
The troops arrive at the Alaska cemetery as the crowd gathers.
Blaine cemetery was the second of the day.
A flag folding ceremony explained by
Chet Teater, was demonstrated by
John "Buff" Rodgers, John Jousma
and Bill White.
At the conclusion of the ceremonies, all those that participated were invited to the Post for refreshments.
The sound system was handled
by Bill VanPortFleet.
Commander Walter
Brodock Jr reads the
names of members
that have passed away
the past year.
Once fed, the troops gathered out side prior to boarding the bus.
Rodgers Played
TAPS at each
Retired Command
Sergeant Major and
Legionnaire Brian
Stauffer was our
guest speaker.