American Legion Post 305, Caledonia,
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
On June 8th 2006 our ALR Chapter along with the Rockford ALR had the privilege of escorting soldier's
returning from Afganistan from the Kent County airport to the 44th street armory. These soldier's had served in
Afghanistan training Afghanistani troops. More information can be seen on the program page.
The Scooters are lined up and folks are awaiting the troops arrival
Bob Weber works at May Day Avionics where the troops
arrived. He had the inside scoop
Mark Langkamp, Dan Terrell and Chet Teater staying cool in
the shade
The troops arriving on a C-130 from the Michigan Air National
The bus ready to take the troops to the armory
The troops set foot on Michigan soil for the first time in over a
Tom Plaska and his wife from the Rockford ALR welcome his
brother home
Tom Plaska hugs his brother who is safe at home
Ceremonies at the armory following the troops arrival
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