American Legion Post 305, Caledonia,
9548 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
1st Annual
Michigan Legacy Run
June 25-26 2015
The ride began on Wednesday the 24th from the Post at 9 AM. Due to recent
injuries and unable to ride Director Wally Brodock was there to see  us off and
wish us safe travels. Those leaving the Post were Chuck Clark, Doug Mills, Ed
Harmon and Bill White.

While heading to Harbor Springs, break stops were necessary for various
reasons. First major stop was White Cloud at Sally's for breakfast where we met
up with Mark Langkamp and proceeded to Dublin General Store. This was a must
stop for their famous jerky. We were also joined by Al Jousma and Larry
Stauffer for the rest of the trip to Harbor Springs
Once arriving at the Best Western Motel in Harbor Springs The
Manager welcomed us and wanted to take a picture of all who were
staying there. There was an interesting on a URAL Russian
motorcycle with a sidecar. The following morning Bruce Schantz
met us at the motel to ride on to Post 281.
Our first stop was Post 219 at Fife Lake.
Second stop was Post 10 in Manistee.
Some riders became weary and after
lunch of burgers and salads.
Third stop was Post 381 in Croton. We
presented to Jim Austin, American
Legion, Department of Michigan
American Legion Riders Liaison several
checks totaling $1,100.00. All Monies
donated by members and friends.
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