The forms are off the walls and curing time has begun. There now will be
a period of time before further work is done. 9-1-08
These 4 pictures were taken by Ross Demaggd
while flying over the building site. 9-4-08
Basement walls are now backed filled and preparation for
pouring the basement floor this coming week. 9-12-08
Basement floor being prepared to be poured. Heat
pipes are placed prior to pouring of cement. 9-16-08
Basement floor is poured and
let set for two days. 9-17-08
Work begins on building the basement bearing wall, putting it
in place and constructing the walls for the utility room. 9-19-08
Installation of floor joists begins and is finished.
Good snacks and food were available through-out the day.
On Sunday the sub floor was laid. Work on the stairway
to the basement and exterior walls will take place the
following week. 9-21-08
Footers have been placed for the walls,
construction of the stairway and enclosure
for the elevator has begun, cement has been
poured for the front porch and garage floor
and power has been installed. 9-30-08
Update on the Josh Hoffman home 9-08.
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