Update on the Josh Hoffman home 11-08.
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Saturday turned out to be a beautiful fall day. Work was completed on floor preparation, the last
door was placed between the garage and house, more landscaping took place. Ground was readied
in front of the garage for the cement to be poured next week, insulation and air flow panels placed
between trusses and PVC placed for the air conditioning. Lunch was once again prepared by Jan
Oldham for the workers. She certainly knows how to win her man. The food has been terrific.
The piping for the floor heating is now in place and will be sealed in the following
week. Work in the basement on the floor heating has begun. Cement has been
poured for the garage approach, sidewalks, entrance ways and patio. Air Condition
unit had to be moved over to make room for the 20 K generator donated.
Driveways were graded, gravel placed on drive in preparation for next week
for the asphalt to be laid. Septic tanks were placed and drain field completed.
Saturday DeVos Insulation sprayed the outside walls of the house and garage with
insulation. By early afternoon the job was complete. Work continued on preparing doors
for automatic openers, lights placed in attic and the attic stairs were installed in the garage.
Applebee's had an area wide breakfast benefit for Homes For Our Troops. Heather, her
father, mother and others attended the breakfast. Chet Teater explained the Homes For
Our Troops mission. Heather, her father and the Mayor of Hastings, Robert May, on the
left, are pictured. A Big Thank You to Becky Shingledecker, who is a big supporter of
Homes For Our Troops and arranged the benefit at Applebee's.
Monday marked another milestone, when Kent Companies arrived, towards
completion of the house. Work has been ongoing for several weeks in
preparation for the pouring of the gypcrete, a form of cement. That job is
now done and has to set for several days to dry. Drywall will be going up next.
Thursday was a very productive day. Drywall was delivered for placement on the ceiling
Saturday. Affordable Asphalt showed up about 9:30 and proceeded to install the driveway. This
was their last job of the season and all personnel seemed to be happy about that. The gas line
was connected, the furnace was fired up, the fireplace and tested. We now have heat in the house.
The placement of the Drywall is now complete, ready to be taped and mudded. Work continues on
other parts of the house. The elevator is installed and doors are built and placed. We now have a
working toilet, a joy to all. Paver's were placed at the front entrance, walk ways and rear Patio.
Josh and Heather arrived for an inspection and workers were greeted with smiles. Jan and her
helpers were there with the noon meal. Once again, GREAT JOB!!!