Thanks to Brian Appel and his crew, they pre-built most of the walls in advance of the
Build Brigade. Pictures of the house prior to the start of day 1. The Registration Tent was
the first stop of each volunteer where they signed in, received their Build Brigade T-Shirt,
Safety Goggles and Hard Hat. Coffee, Hot Chocolate and assorted goodies were available
each morning. Once all was organized work began by placing the walls. The volunteers that
worked the food tent did a great job each day with excellent meals. At the end of the day
the outside walls were up, covered and most interior walls in place. 10-02-08
Friday morning started out cold with ice on the picnic table from the rain the night before. Crews worked
on the interior of the house, finishing placement of the TYPAR sheeting on the outside of the house,
building closets and arranging the trusses for placement. When the crane truck arrived things kicked into
high gear. Within a matter of a few hours all trusses were in place and it was lunch time. Again, thanks to
the lady's for another fine meal. In the afternoon work began placing the roof boards and installing the
windows and doors. An aerial flyover caught some of the afternoon activity. The Stevensville American
Legion Post had a crew of workers that came up to help out. 10-03-08
Saturday was another cool morning. Work on the roof was delayed due to frost on the sheets already
placed. Work began on the siding and there was still work being done on the interior. The sun finally
came out and work continued on the roof. It turned into a most beautiful day so the Registration table
was moved out onto the road along with the lunch tables and chairs. Lunch was spent socializing and
basking in the sun. Heather Lovell, Josh Hoffman's Fiancée, thanked everyone for the working on the
project. Stevensville American Legion Post gave Josh and Heather a gift of a Veterans memento. Work
continued after lunch both inside and out. At days end the roof was ready to be shingled, the front and
west end partially sided and interior rough-in almost complete. 10-04-08
Monday the shingles went on and the job was done by 6 PM.
Further updates will be few as the siding is finished all work
will be on the inside primarily. Grading of the lot will take
place and driveways to be in place in the coming weeks.
On Tuesday work continued on the rough-in plumbing, thanks to Godwin Plumbing of
Wyoming and Roderick Plumbing of Three Rivers. By days end, rough-in plumbing
was done. Work also continued on siding, yet to be completed. Grading of the yard,
front and back, has taken place in preparations for the driveways to be put in. Some
duct work has been done for the air conditioning. Josh made his first visit to the house
since the basement walls had been poured. There were numerous smiles to be seen.
Work has continued on the house both outside and in. As of today, all rough in on pluming,
electric, water, security, audio visual and telephone are complete. With the help of a great group of
school teachers from Charlotte who worked today on the house cleaning windows, sweeping floors,
moving dirt, picking up trash and sorting unused lumber. Several pictures below show the group
presenting a check to Heather for the "Josh Hoffman Fund". Nicole Haywood, Chief Fund Raiser
looks on. We Thank You. Jason Haywood and his crew, from "Signature Landscaping" began the
first phase of landscaping.
On Saturday, the "BUIST ELECTRIC" crew came out in the morning and
began the rough-in wiring. By 11:30 the job was done. Thanks again to the
Siding work continues. Looking for someone who can bend some metal for
a 16 foot soffit and fascia. In the afternoon Josh, his father Jim, Heather,
her father Joel and mother Hazel paid a visit to the site. A group photo was
taken of them and some of the skilled craftsmen still on the job.
Work has been going well. Flooring preparation has been ongoing with
completion in sight. The gas line was put in, the garage wall closed off, garage
overhead door was hung and a "To Do List" placed. Chet meets with Heather.
Update on the Josh Hoffman home 10-08.
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