Ground Breaking
For Josh Hoffman and Heather Lovell's
new home.
The morning began with Josh and Heather, being escorted by the Michigan Patriot Guard,
both State and local police arriving at Fox Glove Estates, the location of their new home.
Over 400 well wishers and veteran organizations were on hand to welcome them to the
ground breaking ceremonies.
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The picture below was taken from inside the
van carrying Josh and Heather as they arrived.
The program began with Tom Benoit, Vice
President and Chief Financial Officer from
Homes For Our Troops opening the ceremonies.
Reverand Tim Bateman offered the opening
Tom went on to introduce Max Wagner,
a Juinor High student at Caledonia,
who sang the National Anthem to a
resounding applause from the audience.
During the anthem the Colors were
presented by the 124th Marine Alpha
Co. Color Guard, Caledonia American
Legion Post 305 and Hastings American
Legion Post 45
Tom introduced the following speakers from left to right, Mark Jansen State
Senator from Kent County, Brian Calley State Representative from Barry County,
Bill Bravata of AIM Builders, Chet Teater from Caledonia American Legion Post
305 and Gordon Jousma owner of Alaska Excavating.
Heathe Lovell, fiancee of Josh, told the crowd how
"overwhelmed" they both were by the show of support and
for those that had attended the ground breaking ceremony.
Then it was time for the official
ground breaking. Each shovel
contained the following placard
affixed to it for each of the dignitaries.
The crowd looks on as the ceremony takes place.
Many pictures were taken of Josh and Heather. Of
those, Josh was presented with a shirt by the
Michigan State Police, with some of his buddies from
the 124th Alpha Co. and family and friends.
Robin Wheeler and Donna
Basarabski were working hard
signing up volunteers for work
details and suppliers for materials.
Stevensville American Legion
Post 568 Commander Mark
Platte and SAL Commander
Ron Wyatt Present Tom
Benoit a check for $10,000 for
Homes For Our Troops.
Now the real work begins.
The look on their faces tells it all.
Steve Fritz provided the
rendering of Josh and
Heather's new home. Steve's
web site is
Thanks to Joseff VanHorn
and Lori Crothers from
Celebration Cinema catering
for their splendid array of
goodies. Their web site is
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following business for their
Steve Fritz Art Service
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