American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
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Bar Recomstruction
10-21-12 to ?
Work began first by removal of a section of the old bar and knocking out part of the wall going into the side room and placing a
window between the Kitchen and the bar. Thereafter the floor behind the bar was leveled and raised 5 inches. Portions of the
new bar were constructed next door at US Golf Cars. Thanks to Larry Moore.
10-24-12 Thru 11-4-12
11-5-12 Thru 11-8-12
11-11-12 Thru 11-18-12
Volunteer List
Al Jousma
Amy Tolan
Aron Bravata
Bill Bravata
Bill Thornton
Bill Neil
Bill White
Bill Robertson
Bob Smrcina
Bob Weber
Buff Rodgers
Cami Sterken
Chet Teater
Chuck Clark
Cindy Teater
Daryl Penfold
Debby Timmermans
Dennis Noffsinger
Dick & Joyce Davis
Don Overholt
Don Stevens
Donna Basarabski
Doug Mills
Gary Marzean
Gary Timmermans
Jim McConnon
John Jousma
Karen Mills
Kevin Henion
Kristy Ridderikhof
Larry Stauffer
Lisa Hyde
Micha Stanton
Mike Whipple
Mike Wise
Work continues on the placing of the sections of the bar and adding the aluminum around the bar. Painting by a number of volunteers
brought a new face to the lounge.
Finalizing behind the bar with cabinetry, shelving and laying tile. A "Big Thank You" for the tile that has been donated by Jack
Austhof of Sobie Company.
11-20-12 Thru 11-21-12
Work continues on the floor behind the bar with tiling and building shelving and cabinetry.
A big "Thank You" goes out to all our volunteers for their labors and time to make the Post a more
comfortable and attractive place. Work continues before and after bar closes.
11-25-12 Thru 11-26-12
Diamond plating of the foot rail was completed. A "Big Thank You" goes out to Constructive Sheet Metal of Grand Rapids for their
donation of all the stainless steel tops behind the bar and all the diamond plating. All the tile was removed preparing for placement of
new tile. New energy efficient lights were placed above the bar and work continued on the tile work behind the bar. Staining of the wood
work began as well.
11-27-12 Thru 11-30-12
Work continued on the tile work behind the bar, staining of the wood work and further remodeling. Our new bar top arrived and was
installed with under bar lighting. A beautiful piece of woodwork by Grand Rapids Carvers. There will be a  Military insignia inlaid on
the top along the bar for each branch of service.
Final touches began with placement of military ribbons, insignias and medallions. This required a great deal of routing and drilling of
the new bar top.
12-7-12 Thru 12-9-12
The first coat of polyurethane was applied to the bar top as a sealer.
Two applications of polyurethane were applied to the top. Work continued on keeping bubbles from appearing on the bar top.
Final touches began with placement of military ribbons, insignias and medallions. This required a great deal of routing and drilling of
the new bar top.
Nancy Strub
Paul Bohez
Phil Davis
Phil Shook
Paul Davis
Rachel LaDue
Richard Vannest
Rick Basarabski
Ron Shook
Scott Cavner
Shawn Wise
Tim Overholt
Anonymous Donors        Bravata Construction       Constructive Sheet Metal

Grand Rapids Carvers        Jack Austhof        Sobie Co.         

Norbert Glass        Sherwin-Williams Co.        S & S Carpet

US Golf Car
Donor List
Two applications of polyurethane were applied to the top. Work continued on keeping bubbles from appearing on the bar top.
Work continued on the floor of the lounge by removing all the carpeting and tile. Then a grinder was used to attempt to level the floor.
Leveling of the floor will continue after the Christmas Holidays.
A board has been set up with a scale of donations by branch of military, for expenses over and above
the Anonymous Donor contributions for further expenses in the lounge. With more donations we can
make the lounge even better.
12-27-12 Thru 21-31-12
Over the course of the weekend the remaining tile and Linoleum were removed from the concrete floor. Floor leveling material was
poured over the area, each pour requiring 4 to 6 hours drying time. Then Sunday we had a very hearty group of volunteers who
performed various tasks for eleven hours and at the end we had over 80% of the new tile laid. Our Post Chief Cook Mike Whipple came
in and fixed Burgers and Frys for lunch.
1-3-13 Thru 1-6-13
Tile laying was complete by Friday. On Sunday the floor was Grouted, again with the help of numerous volunteers. There is still some
painting and trim work to be done.
Keep in mind, Saturday January 12th will be our open house for all to see. Public welcome.
Refreshments and Munches from 11:30 AM to 3 PM.
Tom Hyde
Tom Basarabski
Wally Brodock
Open House
The day began with sitting up the new lounge with numerous items for guests. People assembled in the hall for
Commander Tom Basarabski opening remarks. Post Chaplin Gary Timmermans gave the opening prayer followed
by The Pledge of Allegiance. Commander Basarabski then presented, with the help of Senior Vice Commander Phil
Shook, Certificates of Appreciation to Chad Nicholas of Constructive Sheet Metal for the company's donation of all  
the stainless steel behind the bar and diamond plating for the foot rests. Following was Jack Austhof of Sobie Co.
For the donation of tile and new carpeting. Last was Bill Bravata of Bravata Construction for the overall site plan.
Thereafter Don Stevens,Past Commander, presented Volunteer Shirts to Bill White, Bill Thornton and Bill Bravata
for their countless hours working on the project.
The ceremonies were then concluded and everyone was able to go into the lounge to see for themselves the new
redesigned lounge, enjoy some refreshments and share in good comrodery.