American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
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American Legion Post 305 - March - 2018

                                                 From the Legion Commander

Hello Members!

Our first Fish Fry was on the 16th of February and we had a good turn out! We have 6 more Fridays of Fish Fry
nights coming up! Make sure you put it on the calendar to come out! The last one will be on Good Friday,
March 30th. That night the SAL will raffle off a grill so buy your tickets now!

The Legion Riders are having a Ready to Rock party on March 10th with Palomino Blonde playing rock and
country songs. Come join them for a night of dancing, raffles, food and open license – PUBLIC WELCOME!
That is a great time to bring in people who may be interested in joining the Post or checking it out.

The Auxiliary had their Wine & Beer Tasting event which was a good time for all, the place was packed and that
was great to see. We had Polish Dinner on February 13th – thanks so much to Tom Basarabski for all the work!

March is here and I hope warmer weather is coming soon! Don’t forget that Breakfast is the 1st Saturday of the
month – March 3rd from 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM. The Auxiliary will host Euchre on March 3rd as well with sign
ups at noon, play starting at 12:30 PM.
                                                                                     Wally Brodock                                                            

                                                                          From the Auxiliary President

March is here, winter is ending and activities are picking up in Post #305. The Auxiliary sponsored Euchre is
Saturday March 3rd, sign up at noon, play at 12:30 PM $10 per person, bring a snack to share.
Our next meeting is Tuesday March 14th at 7:00 PM. We will hold nominations for our 2018 -2019 Officers at
this meeting. Also turn in any volunteer hours then. The hours can volunteer hours can be served from last
April 1st, 2017 through March 30, 2018 and from anywhere we volunteer in the community as well as for
The Legion has their Breakfast Buffet on Saturday March 3rd 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Every Friday in March
their Fish Fry from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM followed by Juke Box fun in the Lounge 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
The American Legion Riders are hosting a Ready to Rock Party on Saturday March 10th 7:00 – 11:00 PM.
There will be a live band (Palomino Blonde), dancing, and raffles. Open license so all are welcome! No
motorcycle needed.
The Sons are holding a grill raffle with tickets available in the lounge. Friday April 6th is Spud’s Steak Fry, get it
on your calendars now.
In the middle of the Post activities is MARCH MADNESS for NCAA Basketball. Join us for the TV fun and
cheer on your favorite team. (Go Green, Go White!)
See You Around,

                                                                                       Terri Brodock

                                                                      From the SAL Commander

As we leave February in our rearview mirror, the post would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped out
for the numerous events that took place. The SAL meeting was held on 2/12/18 and we were able to get through
the meeting despite a few missing officers and attendees due to the flu season. During the meeting a budget was
voted on and approved to cover the next year.

The next couple of big events include Spuds Kiss Winter Goodbye Steak Fry, scheduled for Friday, April 6th. As
always if you would like to volunteer please contact me or one of the Sons officers and we will find a project for
you to do at the steak fry. If you are only available to help for a short time, we would love to have you jump in
and help. The steaks are purchased and the potatoes are still growing so make sure you mark the calendar and
tell your friends. Also available to purchase at the Legion are tickets for the grill raffle, which can be viewed in
the lounge area. The lucky winner will also receive a few steaks donated by the Sons to try out on the new grill
and 10 pounds of ground beef donated by John Crissman of Shagbark Farms. The winning ticket will be drawn
at Spuds Kiss Winter Goodbye Steak Fry on April 6th.

Looking ahead at the calendar the Post clean up date has been set for May 12th. I would like SAL members to
keep this date open for the SAL’s adopt the road cleanup on 100th street between Whitneyville and Cherry

If you have not paid your dues for the year please stop in and take care of this soon.

Next Sons meeting will be held March 12th at 7:00 pm sharp. Stop in at 6:30 for a sandwich and I will try my
best to have you out within an hour.

See you at the Legion,
                                                                                         Tony Huver

                                         American Legion Riders-ALR News

Greeting from the ALR!  We are approaching another riding season and that means we are about to host our
annual fundraiser, Rock n Ride 2018!  Please join us on March 10th at 7 PM at American Legion Post #305 for
a fun night of raffles, refreshments and live music by Palomino Blonde!  All profits will go toward our annual
donation to the Legacy Fund, a scholarship program benefiting children of fallen military personnel.  Your
support is very important to us, hope to see you there and invite your friends!  Our next meeting will be on
March 10th at 10 AM.  Thank you for your continuing support.

                                                                                       Dan Wisniewski
                                                                                      ALR Director         

Membership Committees

We wish to start off by saying Thank You to all that have renewed and especially to all our new members and
those of you who have chosen to make Post 305 your Post Home. Welcome. Presently Legion membership is
379, Auxiliary 143 and SAL 231. At this time last year the Legion membership was 371, Auxiliary 116 and SAL

From the Webmaster

Our Prayer Page is often out of date due to many factors. Your help would be appreciated if you would kindly
let the Webmaster know of member hardships or family members experiencing physical problems by emailing
information to or calling the Post at 616-891-1882 with the information.

                                            From the Lounge Manager

From the Kitchen Staff

Thank you for your support of the Post 305 kitchen. We are in a continued effort to increase our quality of
service for our Veterans and Guests at the post. Occasionally price changes are required and menus will need to
be revamped to ensure we are offering consistent value and service.

Currently the management has been tasked by the Executive Committee to conduct an analysis of our food cost
and menu items. The goal is to provide Post 305 with the best quality for the price. The food service industry
uses a standard system of a 30% food cost; by utilizing this system of food cost % Post 305 can ensure we have
a balance between quality and price. Our hope is that we can reach a happy medium by adjusting our current
menu items and pricing them at a value that will no longer create a loss for our Post.

In the past we have been serving our menu items at cost and some at a loss when we consider overhead, sanitary
supplies, labor and general upkeep of our post. Using 30% food cost may not be the best alternative; this may
increase menu items too high for our current service plan. An alternate percentage will also be used for higher
priced menu items in order to keep our prices lower than the competition and also provide accurate profitable
data for the Executive Committee during our monthly reports.

Many of the menu items will be analyzed and possibly increased in price to prevent financial loss; changing
product that is too costly for our menu may also assist our pricing efforts. There are several methods of cost
reduction and quality insurance that we will be undergoing. The goal is to provide the best quality and price
across the board.

Several menu items are priced correctly, and some are sold at a loss. This ongoing analysis will provide us an
opportunity to support our patrons and provide that quality and price that will also support our efforts. Please
remember that every penny spent at Post 305 is an additional penny for our many veterans programs. The
Volunteers we have are the key to our continued success, thank you for all you have done for the kitchen staff
and our post.

The American Legion encourages all members to participate in the monthly meetings and by doing so they are
able to give their input on financial matters of this nature along with countless other opportunities to participate
in volunteer programs and services our Post is involved in. Get involved and make a difference is a key part of
our Post 305 survival plan!
Thank you for your continued support.
                                                                                           Cami Sterken

                                BRICK WALL OF SUPPORT

Bricks may be purchased by anyone wishing to show support of our Post, you do not need to be a member of
the Legion, SAL or Auxiliary. Bricks may also be purchased in memory of friends or family who have or are
serving in the military. Contact the Post for questions.